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 ‘ACT – Art, Chinese Medicine, Technics’

Lili Lai, Wang Min’an, Zhang Qicheng, Judith Farquhar, Colin Garon, Michelle Lewis-King, Yuk Hui, Chen Huaiyuan, Jo Wei, Li Tong ang Guo Chunning

I initiated this postdoctoral project through contacting and discussing my doctoral research on Chinese medicine, art and technology with Yuk Hui (philosopher of technology), curator Jo Wei and Anthropologist Dr Lili Lai. Together we organized and conducted an interdisciplinary conference that conjoined these fields seldom considered together (Art, Chinese medicine and technology) to explore new interconnections and hybrid practices. Yuk Hui delivered a keynote speech that sought to diversify the notion of technology and to identify differences in technical practice that might arise from closer attention to Asian theories both ancient and modern. This gathering included top anthropologist of Chinese medicine Dr Judith Farquhar, renowned Chinese medicine physician Zhang Qicheng, philosopher of art Wang Min’an and many other artists, technicians and Chinese medicine scholars.

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