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Michelle Lewis-King

B. PA, U.S.A.

Michelle Lewis-King is an artist, acupuncturist, scholar and educator whose artistic projects focus on issues surrounding medicine and technology in a globalised society by restaging the Chinese medicine clinical encounter as a resource for creating soundscapes, public performances, symposia, exhibitions and publications. Throughout Michelle’s work, she uses touch, sound and embodied experience as tools to question metaphysical causation as it has been shaped by Western thought. By so doing, her work reveals new material expressions and understandings on the ways (causality) the body, society, knowledge systems and space-time interact and transform. These projects provide an alternate means with which to situate oneself towards producing scientific knowledge by side-stepping the mediating and distancing aspects of sight in favour of utilising the immersive qualities of sound to materialise bodies as sound… bodies of sound that in themselves offer new ways for experiencing and perceiving the inter-relational and polyphonic aspects of lived experience.

A selected list of exhibitions include: Notating the sound of Qi in the body RESOUND 2019 Aalborg University, Art, technics and Chinese medicine,  University of Chicago in Beijing 2019, Energyscapes Consciousness Reframed and FEMeeting 2019, A Question of Oscillation Digital Suzhou 2018, Reflections from the Inner Mirror (4DSOUND, Budapest, 2017), Touch as Techne ISEA 2016, Circadian TodaysArt NL 2015, Pulse Project at PROJECT ANYWHERE 2015-2016 (one of six projects selected from an international competition), Drawing Towards Sound University of Greenwich, London - with Cage, Cardew, Boulez, etc. 2014, Chinese Film Festival Anatomy Museum, King’s College London, 2014, Re-New 2013 Copenhagen, Disjointed: Digital Culture Ex-Teresa Museum, Mexico, 2013, Digital Futures V&A Museum, London 2013, Flux-Off at ‘Artists’ Games’ Spike Island, Bristol 2012, Experimental Notations Royal Nonesuch Gallery, Oakland, CA., USA, 2010. 

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