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Pulse Project Soundscapes

The soundscapes created from the readings sonify both my artistic and medical impressions of an individual’s pulse reading. Specific frequencies and rhythms are added to the composition according to what an individual’s pulse indicates the person requires, based upon specific Chinese therapeutic principles. So, whilst my performances do not diagnose in the biomedical sense, I do perform a diagnosis and treatment strategy in the sense understood in some areas of Chinese medicine – and the resulting soundscapes form a sonic ‘prescription’ for each person.

By drawing upon my knowledge as an acupuncturist, each soundscape sonically responds perceived imbalances and arrhythmias found in participants’ pulses. Selecting appropriate frequencies and rhythms for soundscapes is based on assessment of both specific and overall characteristics of the twelve zàng-fǔ. By using pulse analysis to create soundscapes that re-establish the balance of wave amplitudes, frequencies and rhythms and of each participant’s zàng-fǔ, the soundscapes create immersive environments that enhance well-being. In this way, the artistic process of the performances are reflective of my clinical acupuncture practice.

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